Stem-Production Software Service

Hybrid Production Transformed

Our system captures the musical expression of 2-12 musicians you record,
and shapes the performance of our virtual instruments to provide you with
musically authentic stems, quickly and at an affordable price.

What is the Symphonova Stem Service?

We deliver live session quality for orchestral scores, easily and at low cost.

Our method is similar to conventional hybrid stem production (musician + ‘mock-up’) except, you don’t need to spend hours manually adding expression. Instead, our intelligent software captures the musical expression of musicians you record and applies their expression to the virtual instruments. 

Using our service, you get a complete set of expressive, multi-mic stems that are cost-effective and serve as the best ingredients for your mix.

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  • get musicians’ authentic expression 
  • focus on composition, not mockup
  • enables unlimited orchestration


  • mix with unlimited flexibility
  • work with clean, no-bleed stems
  • easily correct performance details


  • stems delivered within 3 working days
  • cost-effective for all project sizes
  • packages for strings & orchestra


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Listen to mixes made using our stems

Audio Demos

Xiaotian Shi — Beyond the Dreams

Full Production Suite package. Recorded remotely by 12 musicians of the Britten Sinfonia (string quintet, 4 woodwinds and 3 brass).

Joe Kraemer — Fanfare for Symphonova

Full Production Suite Package. Recorded remotely by 12 musicians of the Kaleidoscope Orchestra (5 strings, 4 woodwind and 3 brass).

Audio Comparisons

Brass Comparison: Grant Kirkhope — Kirkvern

Horn, trumpet and trombone transformed into a full brass section with accents in forte dynamics.

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Strings Comparison: Arensky — Variations on a Theme by Tchaikovsky (Var II)

Violin and cello transformed into a string orchestra.

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