Orchestral Stem-Production Service

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What is the Symphonova Stem Service?

We produce orchestral stems at low cost.

How does it work? You send us your score & meet our conductor; we record and produce your stems; you review the stems; we make corrections and deliver your final stems.  
Are virtual instruments used during the process? Yes. 
So mock-up is layered with live musicians? No!
But what makes the virtual instruments sound expressive? Our unique, intelligent software applies the musical expression of the recorded musicians to the virtual instruments. We do not use mock-up.
What exactly is delivered? A complete set of multi-mic stems.
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  • get musicians’ authentic expression 
  • focus on composition, not mockup
  • enables unlimited orchestration


  • mix with unlimited flexibility
  • work with clean, no-bleed stems
  • easily correct performance details


  • stems delivered quickly & easily
  • cost-effective 
  • packages for strings & orchestra

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