There are only two factors we use to determine our service fee:

  • the stem-package you choose
  • the duration of your project 

Our Packages


Number of stems delivered: 
Up to 33

 Instrument groups:
1. High: Violin I, Violin II, Viola
2. Low: Cello, Double Bass

Mic Positions: 
3 for each Instrument Group (Close, Conductor Tree, Surround LR)


 Number of stems delivered: 
Up to 48


Instrument groups:
1. High WW (Fl+Ob+Cl)
2. Low WW (BCl+Bn)
3. Horns
4. Trumpets & Trombones
5. Harps
6. High Strings (Violin I, Violin II, Viola)
7. Low Strings (Cello, Double Bass)

Mic Positions:
3 for each Instrument Group (Close, Conductor Tree, Surround LR)


We can tailor the soundscape and type of stems to suit your requirements. Do get in touch with us to discuss your project.

Please note:

  • All strings include one divisi
  • The prices might be different in specific instances,  depending on the complexity of the  score 
  • There is a minimum fee which covers any score-duration up to ten minutes

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Pricing Calculator

Type of package


This is the full cost for getting your full set of stems. Please don’t forget to allow for the mixing costs in your total budget.

Packages Compared

Features Strings Package Orchestral Package
Mic Positions
Conductor's Tree
Instrument Grouping
Two groups per section
Stems Delivered
Max number of Players Stems as relevant as relevant
Max number of Sectional Stems 6 21
Max number of Soloists Stems 12 12
Max number of Percusssion Stems 15 15
Max total number of stems delivered 33 48
Unlimited orchestration (1 divisi) for strings
Delivery Options
48kHz 32Bit
High stem isolation