What is the Symphonova Stem-Production Software Service?

Your musicians’ playing is at the centre of our approach to hybrid productions.

In our service, the musical expression of virtual instruments is derived exclusively from the musical expression of the musicians you record. Our software uses  the musical expression of your recorded musicians to shape the performances of the virtual instruments. The stems we deliver sound authentic because their expression  is created in a musically authentic way: by your musicians.

The stems we deliver provide you with the  best ingredients for your mix. Our stems have extremely low bleed from secondary instruments. For example, the ‘conductor’s-tree’ and ‘surround’ stems of the flutes will have no significant sounds from the neighbouring woodwinds or brass sections, regardless of how loudly the others are playing. 

Depending on the composition, you’ll need to record between 2 to 12 parts to receive stems for scores of any size. As a result, both logistics and cost are considerably reduced without any compromise on the size of the orchestra or the orchestration.

Our pricing model is based only on the duration of your score and the package you select. You can free your imagination and compose for any orchestration for the same price. Using our service, high-end orchestral recordings become affordable and accessible.

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What is the heritage of the Symphonova Stem Production Service?

The Symphonova project leverages technology to renew the seminal concept of what an orchestra can do and the contexts in which it can perform. After years of research, we have developed and combined a collection of technologies that enable a small ensemble to perform anywhere, delivering the sound and experience of the largest possible symphony orchestra. The technology has been used in a series of successful performances and recording projects.

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  1. Send us your score
    • We review your score (a pre-order service) to specify the parts that must be recorded, in order for our system to give you the best results.
  2. Record your musicians
    • Check recording set-up requirements; recordings can be made remotely or as an ensemble.
    • Record between 2-12 parts to receive stems of scores of any size.
    • Record musicians’ calibration scales.
  3. Upload your audio files
  4. Download your stems: Enjoy mixing!

Our Vision

High-quality orchestral production rooted in the authentic, nuanced expression of skilled musicians, made affordable and accessible to all.

The Team


  • Flautist (Rubin Academy)
  • PhD (Performance Studies), Kings College London
  • Edison Fellow, British Library Sound Archive
  • Artistic Director, Clare Hall, Cambridge University


Technical & Artistic Director
  • Pianist & conductor (The Juilliard School)
  • PhD (Tonmeister), University of Surrey
  • Author of numerous granted patents,  including the Symphonova Stem Production Patent


Score Production Director
  • Composer (University of Music and Performing Arts, Graz)
  • Virtual instruments artist
  • Author of Symphonova Stem Production Patent