The companies and professionals listed below have experience using our service. They would be happy to help, if you are looking for assistance with our service. 

Our collaborators are exceedingly important to us, and we are delighted that our collaborators regard us as an important tool to help them improve and widen their services

We are actively seeking and welcome international collaboration (internally we are fluent in six languages – if you don’t speak one of our languages, and we don’t speak yours, we’ll find someone who does!). When it can be helpful, we provide training and resources to assist anyone who wishes to integrate us into their services. If this sounds like it might be you, then please do get in touch with us.  

NOTE: all of our collaborators are independent from Symphonova ltd..  We have no remunerative benefit for providing their contact details and no liability or responsibility for anything that may arise as a result of a referred customer’s engagement with them.

Studio & Recording Engineer: can be hired for your production and advise on aspects such as recording equipment, mic placement and profile creation. 

Ensemble: all musicians have recorded their profiles and can be hired for your production. 

Production Manager: can manage any part of your project.

Score Guide: can advise on orchestration, on assigning Follower parts to appropriate Expression-Leaders, and on which parts to record to get the most from our service. 

Studio & Recording Engineer

Musicarta Media

  • Accessible London studio with control room and medium-sized live room optimised for small ensembles. From £200 per session including engineer.
  • Flexible location recording for any size ensemble.
  • Comprehensive support for remote sessions and post-production including mixing.
  • Competitive photo and video packages.


We have started a database of ensembles and musicians who have recorded their profiles, and are ready to be hired. Do get in touch if you would like to join.

Production Manager

We have started a database of trained Production Managers. If you are looking for a production manager for an immediate or upcoming project, please contact us. If you'd like to join and be listed as a Production Manager, do let us know.

Score Guide

We are in the process of providing training to qualify as a Score Guide. If you combine DAW skills with experience as an orchestrator, performer or conductor, then we would like to hear from you.

Become a collaborator