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Hybrid Production Transformed

Our system uses the musical expression of your recorded musicians to shape the performance of virtual instruments and provides you with authentic orchestral stems, quickly and at an affordable price.

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Process Overview

Your journey with us consists of four steps:





1. Send us your score

To provide you with the best possible results, our system requires some of the parts to be recorded. The question then arises: which parts? 

Every score is different, and the number and identity of the parts that must be recorded depends on the composition itself. We review your score to identify and let you know which of the instruments must be recorded. Depending on your composition, you are likely to need between two and twelve musicians. If you have any special parts or instruments (for example, solos), then those will need to be recorded as well.

The score review is a pre-order service and is managed separately from placing an order for processing your stems. In other words, by sending your score for review you are not committing to placing an order for processing your score.

How it works:

  • set up your score following our guidelines 
  • create an account / login 
  • select ‘Request Score Review’ 
  • upload your score. We accept notation files formatted with the following extensions: .dorico (Dorico) .sib (Sibelius) .musx (Finale) .mscx or .mscz (MuseScore)
  • we will send you an email to confirm we’ve received your score and will send you the list of instruments to record within three working days


Please note:  

  • We take the protection of your score, your recordings and the stems you receive from us – very seriously. We make every effort to ensure your files are encrypted before they leave your computer. For details, see our Security Policy.  

2. Record your musicians

What to record: In addition to recording their parts, the musicians you hire will record a series of calibration scales (parts are in our Download section); they enable our software to calibrate itself to the unique characteristics of each musician’s playing on their specific instrument. Once recorded, the calibration scales can be re-used in subsequent sessions.

How to record: When recording an ensemble, separation between players must be 12dB or more, in order to capture the nuances of a musician’s expression. We suggest using industry-standard close-mic techniques.

Please read our tutorials to make sure your recording methods take full advantage of the capabilities of our system.  

3. Upload your audio files

To upload your audio files, please login to your account, create a project and upload your musicians’ recorded parts (audio). From the project page, you will be able to upload all the required parts, as well as any additional parts you may have recorded that you would like to include in the processing of the project.

To upload your musicians’ calibration scales, you will need to go to the ‘Musicians’ section in the Dashboard of your account, create a dedicated page for each musician and upload their calibration scales on their personal page.

Once we have accepted all of your files, we will notify you and process them within three working days. 

4. Download your stems

When your stems are ready, we will send you a secure link for download. Depending on the package you selected and the number and type of parts in your score, you will get up to 230 stems, in three to five mic positions and various instrument groups. All the stems we deliver have extremely low or functionally zero bleed/spill from secondary instruments or other sections, which means they will serve as the best possible ingredients for your mix. 

Enjoy mixing!

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