Process Overview

Your journey with us consists of four steps:





Our tutorials explain the steps in detail and we are available to support you throughout the process.

1. Score preparation

The parts you choose to be recorded by your musicians may also function as Expression-Leaders for all non-recorded parts – the virtual Expression-Followers – that will be provided through our service. 

For example, one recorded cello part could lead the expression for the complete cello and double-bass sections including divisi, and two woodwind parts could lead the expression of a full woodwind section. Consequently, by choosing three musician’s parts and recordings as Expression-Leaders, our service would deliver to you all stems for the complete WoodWinds and Low-Strings.

When preparing your score, you will also need to include various instructions in the MIDI score, such as our dedicated key-switches for articulations, a dedicated CC17 control lane to select the Expression-Leaders, and Velocity settings.

2. Recording session

In addition to recording their parts, the musicians you hire will record a series of calibration scales (parts provided), which enables our software to calibrate to the unique expressive characteristics of each musician playing on their specific instrument. Once done, the calibration scales can be used in subsequent sessions.

When recording an ensemble, separation between players must be 12dB or more, in order to capture the nuances of a musician’s expression. We suggest using industry-standard close-mic techniques.

3. Upload

Once you’ve registered on our platform, you will upload your musicians’ calibration scales and their recorded parts (audio) alongside your DAW project exported as XML or MIDI. We provide a naming convention to enable reliable tracking and processing of all files.

4. Download

Once we have accepted all of your files, we will process them within 48 hours. We will send you an email when your stems are ready to be downloaded.

Our Terminology


The parts recorded by your musicians that are selected by you to lead the expression of the unrecorded (virtual instrument) parts.


The parts assigned by you to follow the expression of the recorded (musician’s) parts.

Calibration Scales

The set of scales recorded by each musicians used to calibrate the system with the musician’s unique expressive character. 

Recording Profile

Settings for matched levels between musicians, minimum isolation and dynamic range in order to fully capture musicians’ nuances of expression.

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