Score Guides

The score guides listed below have all been trained by the Symphonova team and are experienced in preparing orchestral scores for recording projects using our system. For existing scores, they can assist in setting the project, advise on what instruments to record and upload the files into our platform. For scores that are not yet fully orchestrated, they can also advise on how to orchestrate to get the most of the system capabilities for the musicians you are able to include in your project. They’d be happy to accompany your project fully or advise on specific points as needed.

Martina Colli

  • Film composer (La porta sul buio by Marco Cassini; Santa Cecilia Conservatory, Rome)
  • Arranger (Riding Americas album)
  • Pianist (Colli&Rubini Duo; masters degree Conservatory G. Braga, Teramo, Italy) 
  • Working in Classical, Jazz and electronic music
  • Based in Berlin

Anton Peys

  • Cellist (Moscow Conservatory, Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Neue Philharmonie Westfalen, Germany; productions of Jazz)
  • Arranger & Orchestrator 
  • Composer
  • Based in Berlin

Rubens Tubenchlak

  • Composer
  • Orchestrator/arranger
  • Based in Berlin

Steve Pycroft

  • Composer (Riot Jazz Brass Band; Masters Degree University of Manchester)
  • Arranger (BBC productions)
  • Drummer (live productions with London Elektricity
  • Co-founder and Musical Director of Kaleidoscope Orchestra
  • Based in the UK