We take the protection of your scores and music very seriously.

  1. Our websites are all HTTPS SSL protected.
  2. All transfers of your scores and audio files are encrypted.
  3. All of our proprietary processing is done in-house on fully encrypted computers.
  4. All of our fully encrypted computers are behind state-of-the-art hardware firewalls.

We chose SendSafely as our preferred method for the transfer of all files. Here is a short extract from their website (if you would like to study the full explanation, click here):

All files and messages you send through our platform are protected using end-to-end encryption. End-to-end encryption means that nobody other than you and the individuals you authorize can read them. There is no way for SendSafely, or any third party, to decrypt this information. Even if the data is intercepted, stolen or seized, it cannot be read without the proper decryption keys, which are never stored or accessible by our systems.

Every set of files or messages that you send through SendSafely are encrypted on your machine before being submitted to our servers. We use the OpenPGP message format, with a key that is derived using OpenPGP's Iterated and Salted (Type 3) String-to-key (S2K) specifier. The Type 3 S2K converts a variable length pass-phrase into a 256-bit symmetric AES encryption key. The pass phrase that is used consists of 512 random bits of data and is a combination of the following two values:

  • A 256-bit random secret value that gets generated by our servers (referred to from here on as the Server Secret)
  • A 256-bit random secret value that gets generated by your machine (referred to from here on as the Client Secret)


The SendSafely links will be visible on your account. To make sure your music doesn’t end up in the wrong hands because of a human error, please do take note to ever give your account access details to anyone else, or the pass on the SendSafely links to anyone who should not have access to your music, or who might pass those links to someone who should not have access.