Send Us Your project


To use our service for the first time and send us your project, you need to go through the following general sequence of three steps:
  • create a new account
  • add at least one musician to your account
  • select your stems package and upload your project
To complete the above three steps, you will need to provide us with information and data, such as .wav files and your MIDI or .xml file. To go through the complete process efficiently, you may find it easiest if you have gathered everything you will need into a single folder. The complete list is:
  • your preferred email account for registration and communications with us
  • your musicians’ contact details (email + tel number), their profile recordings and their recording(s) of your music
  • your MIDI or xml file
  • your chosen payment method

and… don’t forget to check that for all your uploads, you have followed all naming conventions, as explained in detail below.

Name Your Files

You must ensure your files have the correct name format or they will trigger an error.  The complete list for all twelve instruments can be downloaded here.

The format for the part (your music) recorded by the musician should be


For example: Flute.wav


The formats for the Musician’s Session Calibration files are:

[instrument]Sess [category] f Calibration.wav


[instrument]Sess [category] p Calibration.wav

For example:

FluteSess Normal p Calibration.wav


FluteSess Normal f Calibration.wav

If you upload a MIDI file, ensure it is a Type 1 MIDI file. The naming format should be:


For example


If you choose to upload an XML file, then the format is:


For example:



File Naming Tip

We suggest you download the Naming Convention file. When you then need to name your files, simply copy the name from the file, and rename your file (paste it into the name field of your actual file). That will ensure there are no errors in spacing or upper/lower-case letters.

Create an Account

  • click on the Register/Login
  • click on the link to access the StemService Portal
  • click on sign up; use an email address to which you want all notifications and communications to be sent
  • once you’ve created an account, you’ll receive an email confirming the account was created

Upload Musicians’ Calibration Scales

If this is the first time you log into your account, then you will need to add at least one musician’s calibration scale – proceed as follows (for a detailed explanation of the Musician’s Calibration Scales, please follow this LINK):

  • click on Add Musician and then fill in the details
  • select Add Musician Calibration Scale after the musician’s details are created
  • select the musician’s instrument
  • a message will appear, indicating the number of audio files you need to upload for the instrument chosen
  • (tuning: only Equal Temperament A=440Hz is currently available)
  • when you are ready to upload the musician’s calibration scales (.wav files), click on ‘UPLOAD AUDIO FILE’
  • a pop-up window appears, into which you can drag audio files, or you can click on the arrow-in-a-cloud icon to manually select audio files on your computer 
  • you can add files one-by-one, or grab them all at the same time. The system will let you know if you are missing any files. 
  • once you have added all the required files, click on ‘Submit’, and the system will upload your musician’s calibration scales recordings for review.

After you have submitted your musician’s calibration scales, we will send you an email confirming the profiles are under review. Once we have checked and processed the scales (usually within one hour), we will send you an email either to notify you that the profiles have been approved, or to notify you that there was an error in the scales. In the event you are notified of an error, please log into your account to see the details of what needs to be corrected.

You can always use musician’s calibration scales created for previous projects, as long as the musicians who record your new project, play the same instrument with which they recorded the profile you have on your account.

Full explanations on how to create musicians’ calibration scales can be found here.

Upload Your Project

  • on the Homepage of your Symphonova Stem Services account, click on New Project. 
  • provide a name for your project and fill in the project description (this is optional, but most people find it helpful). 
  • select your Stems Package (the packages are explained here, and pricing is explained here)
  • click on Save Package and you will be taken to the next page
  • the left-hand menu-box allows you to select one of your approved musicians and their associated calibration scales
  • choose a musician and their scales
  • click on Upload Audio Files; a pop-up window appears, into which you can drag audio files, or you can click on the arrow-in-a-cloud icon to manually select audio files on your computer 
  • you will need to upload three different .wav files
    1. the .wav file of the part (your music) recorded by the musician
    2. two Session Calibration recordings (for a detailed explanation of the Session Calibration recording, please follow this link):
  • click ‘Save’ when you are ready, and a new menu will appear enabling you to either add another musician, or to proceed
  • repeat the above steps until you have added all of your musicians and their recordings
  • once you have added all of your musicians, click ‘Next’, and you will be taken to the next page: Add Data Files page
  • click either ‘UPLOAD MIDI FILE’ or ‘UPLOAD XML FILE’
  • a pop-up window appears, into which you can drag MIDI or XML files, or you can click on the arrow-in-a-cloud icon to manually select files on your computer 
  • after you have selected or dragged your file to the pop-up window, click ‘Upload’, and the system will upload your file to your account
  • click ‘NEXT’ and you will be taken to the ‘Order Summary’ page
  • check the details and click in every tick-box to confirm that you accept all conditions of the sale
  • after you have clicked every tick-box, click on `Confirm Order Summary’ and you will be taken to the payment window provided by Stripe.


Please note that we do not store, process, or have access to any of your financial information. 

After your payment is processed, you will be taken to a page that confirms your project is being processed, and we will send an email to the address you provided to confirm your project submission.

We will email you again within 48 hours to let you know that the files have been checked and accepted or to let you know if there was a problem with the files submitted. You will subsequently receive an email letting you know when your files are ready to be downloaded. You can then log back into your account and find a link to your files in the relevant project window. 

Unless there was a problem with your files or delays outside of our control, your stems should be ready to download within 24 hours.