Your Steps:





  1. Prepare your score
    • orchestrate: choose which parts to record (Expression-Leaders) and which parts to assign to the stem service (Expression-Followers) 
    • project setup: check your configuration, include key-switches and control-lanes
  2. Record your musicians
    • check recording setup (isolation, dynamic range, and matched levels between musicians) 
    • record musicians’ profiles (scales to calibrate the system)
    • record musicians’ short session profile (short calibration to ensure consistency between different setups, locations, etc.)
  3. Upload your project: Ensure all files are correctly formatted and named
  4. Download your stems: Enjoy mixing!

What stems are delivered?

The Strings Package delivers 6 stems grouped into high/low instruments in three microphone positions.
The Orchestral Package delivers 21 stems, grouped into two instruments per section in three microphone positions.
The Full Production Suite Package delivers 65 stems, grouped according to instrument family in five microphone positions.

How to record?

In addition to recording their parts, the musicians you hire must record a ‘profile’  (if they have not previously done so), which allows our software to capture the unique expressive characteristics of each musician playing on their specific instrument. The profile consists of a small series of scales (parts provided) and once done, can be used in subsequent sessions.

When recording an ensemble, we suggest using industry-standard close-mic techniques.



  • get musicians’ authentic, skilled expression instead of mock-up
  • focus on composition, orchestration, mix and sound-engineering


  • mix with unlimited flexibility
  • mix with clean, no-bleed stems
  • easily correct performance details


  • cost-effective
  • fast turnaround
  • suitable for all project sizes

Our Terminology


The parts recorded by your musicians that are selected by you to lead the expression of the unrecorded (virtual instrument) parts.


The parts assigned by you to follow the expression of the recorded (musicians) parts.

Musicians' Profile

The set of each musician’s recorded scales used to calibrate the system with the musician’s unique expressive character.

Recording Profile

Settings for matched levels between musicians, minimum Isolation and dynamic range in order to fully capture musicians’ nuances of expression.


Excerpt from Anton Bruckner Symphony no 1

Ensemble: 12 musicians (4 woodwinds, 3 brass and 5 strings) recorded remotely
Package: Full Production Suite

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