The tutorials are offered as a comprehensive guide to our service. We are the the final stages of preparing them – please watch the space. 

Service Walk-through

What to expect?
This tutorial is your starting point. It provides an overview of the service, and introduces the main concepts involved, including the Expression-Leader and Musician’s profile concepts, our recording requirements, the process and delivery options.

Your Midi Score Setup

This tutorial provides the information needed to set up your Sequencer (MIDI Score) so that it is correctly configured, and includes all the tools and data to access our service.

Expression-Leader Concept: Which Parts to Record?

This illustrated tutorial provides detailed explanations of, and examples related to the concepts of Expresssion-Leaders and Expression-Followers. The tutorial provides guidance on the selection of parts to record, in order to get the most expressive stems.

How to Record

Especially intended for recording engineers, this tutorial provides technical requirements, and includes guidance on microphone placement.

Musicians’ Calibration Scales

This tutorial provides detailed information, and detailed guidance on recording Musicians’ Calibration Scales.

Session Calibration Recordings

In this tutorial you’ll find information for what are the Session Calibration Recordings and why they are needed.

Select Your Package

In this tutorial you will find a detailed list of the instrument groups  and the microphone positions offered in each one of the packages.

Send Us Your Project

This tutorial is a walk-through of the steps you will take to send us your files, including our file-naming conventions and the types of files we accept.

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